workplace contest themes

Here are ten creative ideas for motivational employee contests, which you holiday inn express voucher code 2015 how long do uber promo codes work can implement in your organization:.
Especially when we are stuck inside a cubicle under tremendous work pressure read more Halloween Day : Celebrate the culture by dressing up on a Halloween Day, Wear Green on.
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This is why you want to encourage employees to dress well.Let your employees read more.Every week, month or quarter, reward the sales people that were the most successful in terms of making sales.Flash Mob is widely used for entertainment in telecommunications and kohls promo code discounts read more, corporate Spelling Bee : Well known competition with children spelling words can be very interesting for corporate employees.If you want to ensure that your employees feel motivated as a rule, its important that you integrate these contests in a motivational system which has long-term continuity.
In an era when employees tend to change jobs and leave companies fast, loyalty is a quality which organizations need to acknowledge and reward.

Salad Feste : Let there be a timed (5 minutes) salad competition with two or three people in a team.This can be done in many ways.Flash Mob : Wouldnt it be fun when a few of employees suddenly dance to a music for the purposes of entertainment and then the audience dances along with them same time.You may surprisingly see the sales tactics of your co-workers which you might not have imagined.The cleanest office space.Do an internal survey to find out what employees are considered to be the best communicators and celebrate them publicly.Art Appreciation : There might be a painter, sculptor or one who enjoy doing craft work with things like wires, matchsticks, polythene etc.
An excellent idea is to give financial incentives to employees that have remained with the company for a long time and consistently have good results.
So I did some research on my audience for my website and one of things I found was that a lot of people come into my site via google looking for employee engagement ideas and ideas for fun activities at the work place.