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He's going after your job, Vanna.
The original black 500 Mystery Wedge.
The player's job after solving the puzzle was secure mobiles vouchers to guess the number.Since Season 20, any time Lose A Turn is hit, you see this.Since 2005, the home audience was shown the other side of the wedge.To see drawings of wedges and the many styles of them over the years click here.If you were to land on a Mystery Wedge, you could go Bankrupt.Starting jessie hawaiian vacation sweepstakes in Season 30, if the contestant calls a correct consonant, he/she also earns 500 per appearance of said consonant.Pat and Vanna furniture giveaway introducing the special show.I bet you can't tell which season this came from.Then Dawn dishwashing liquid for the second and Maxwell House coffee for the fourth and final week (which for example, you can see on the bottom here of the description).This format was originally used on the short-lived Australian version entitled Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune before being incorporated into this version.The contestants play for themselves and keep whatever cash and prizes they earn, while the celebrities play for charity where each team's winnings are matched and donated in cash to a charity or charities of the celebrities' choices, with a minimum guarantee of 10,000.The 100,000 envelope is thus replaced with the 1,000,000 envelope.
Notice the timer around the contestant's head.
Add a photo to this gallery The Million Dollar Wedge This looked the same as the 10,000 wedge.

After Pat and Vanna were introduced, the solution was revealed.Equals a Happy Man!The team can decide to either spin the wheel again as usual or continue playing for 2,000/consonant and not spin the wheel.This is what the Prize Wedge looked like in the late 1990s.Therefore, it's bonus round for him!The following Monday, February 24, 1997, back in their normal studios at Culver City, a new electronic puzzleboard was revealed to the viewing audience.
From 2006 to 2016, the theme song played differently from the ones used, and the reference to "Changing Keys" was removed.