what is raffle ticket meaning

This continues until all prizes have been won.
Citation needed, example of a raffle ticket.
Private raffle edit "Art Union" redirects here.A form of lottery in which a number of persons buy one or more chances to win a prize.In New Zealand and Australia, meat raffles are commonplace in pubs and registered clubs.In many places raffles are only legal for registered nonprofits.Prizes are often only of symbolic value.Fans, cambridge University Press 2017.Verb (used without object raffled, raffling.Cambridge dictionaries logo, follow us, english, contents.Wilson I shan't know what to do with them; unless I raffle them real estate rates in pune off.Origin, first recorded in ; raff -le m Unabridged, based on the chiquito voucher codes 2016 Random House Dictionary, Random House, Inc.Trends of 'raffle ticket used Rarely.
One example was American-Australian photographer.
The Octopus, frank Norris, and so he is going to part with his mare by how many contestants will be eliminated on the voice tonight raffle, said the squire; pray what does he want for her?

Middle Dutch raffel "dice game Old Frisian hreppa "to move Old Norse hreppa "to reach, get Swedish rafs "rubbish Old High German raspon "to scrape together, snatch up in haste German raffen "to snatch away, sweep off from Proto-Germanic *khrap- "to pluck out, snatch off.".Various, they are going to raffle, hartrath's picture, for the benefit of the Gingerbread Fair.Nearby words of 'raffle ticket source, definition of raffle ticket from the.Alfred Felton 2 and, james Ashton.In the UK the term "tombola" is used when the raffle tickets are placed in a barrel and tumbled before the winning tickets are drawn from the barrel.(transitive) often foll by off.N 1 a a lottery in which the prizes are goods rather than money b (as modifier) a raffle ticket vb 2 tr; often foll by: off to dispose of (goods) in a raffle (C14 (a dice game from Old French, of obscure.Nonprofits who run raffles raise more money than more traditional ways of raising money because people are more willing to donate to an organization when they have a chance to win a prize.Late 14c., "dice game from Old French rafle "dice game also "plundering perhaps from a Germanic source (cf.
Townsend Duryea 's raffling off his yacht "Coquette" in 1858.