turbotax 2015 sale of rental property

My husband I have lived in our primary residence in the Bay Area for 10 years, the gain is about 1M right.
A qualified individual is one of these people: You, your spouse, co-owner, resident, you can usually claim a reduced exclusion if you sell your main home for one of these reasons: You relocated for new employment and kroger sweepstakes 2015 both of these apply: Your new job.
Report any taxable personal portion on Form 8949.
That means you do have a deductible loss, but its limited to 25,000 (210,000 sale price - 235,000 basis 25,000 loss).First, Section 1231 losses can be used to reduce any type of income you may havesalary, bonus, self-employment income, capital gains, you name.The gain that you defer reduces the original tax basis in the new property.This applies if you claimed depreciation deductions for: Renting out your home Using your home for business The property might be rental property at the time of the sale.TurboTax AnswerXchange Home, with your return open in TurboTax, search for rentals and then select the "Jump to" link in the search result.If you cant exclude the gain, include the entire amount in your taxable income.Answer, yes to the question, did you have any rental or royalty income and expenses?

You can also use documents about your home improvements to help figure your adjusted basis in the home.31, 2008, periods of nonqualified use might reduce your exclusion amount.If you make a profit, you can often exclude.From stocks and bonds to rental income, TurboTax Premier helps you get your taxes done right.If you have a taxable gain on the sale of your main home that you cant exclude, report the entire gain on Form 8949.Is this a rental property or royalty?Either you or your spouse meets the ownership test.Microsoft Excel or compatible software required to operate the program.You can claim the 500,000 exclusion on a joint return if all of these apply: You and your spouse are married and file as married filing jointly.Tip: Take your time and pay close attention; there's a lot of info and it's easy to miss if you're in a hurry.
You can exclude the gain only on the portion used as a home.