sweep second hand alarm clock

This traditional Seiko sweeping second hand alarm clock has a volume control feature so you can set it to your preferred volume.
Batteries required 1 x AA (included).A blue LED light flashes when the alarm rings, giving you a visual indicator as well as an audio one that it is time to get up!Height 12, Width.3, Depth.4cm.Online Clock - Clock - Online Alarm Clock - Alarm Clock.Height.4, discount codes app Width.4, Depth.4cm.This Seiko alarm clock also has a snooze function so you can have a sneaky few extra minutes in bed!
This online clock has a smooth running second hand.
The Seiko LED sweep second hand alarm clock will give you that much needed wake up call to start your day.

Choose between a bell or beep alarm tone and if you want to grab a few extra minutes asleep, it also has a handy snooze function!Use the Smooth Seconds Online Clock Full Screen.There'll be no more startled wake up calls!Batteries required 1 x C (included).It's up to you :-).This is exactly the same as our online clock!
Some people how to win stuff for free seem to like this better - while others like the Tick-Tick Style seconds hand.
Beep or bell alarm.