spotify premium trial to student discount

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This is so Spotify can check your eligibility each academic year.With your internet/mobile provider or with iTunes) you need to cancel your existing subscription with that company before you can apply the student discount.If you dont already have one, you can create an account with them for free when you sign up).Note: If you subscribed through any other company than Spotify (e.g.We no longer accept NUS cards for the student discount.Spotify gift cards are only available for Premium at its standard rate, so its not currently possible to pay for the student discount using a Spotify gift card.In this instance, any charges will show on your statement as pending, meaning no money has actually been taken.We're currently working to increase the number of universities listed.This includes any trial offers and Premium for Family.If your university isnt listed, you wont be eligible to claim the discount.If your college/university doesnt appear on the list provided, you can request SheerID to get it added.You can reach out to them for more information.
If youre still a student, you can reapply for an additional 12 months.
With Spotifys student discount, you can get 50 off a Premium subscription.

Sign up and the discounted rate will automatically begin on your next billing date.Its also worth checking youre logged into the right account.Failed to verify, the pending charge will be refunded.FAQs, your student discount is active for 12 months from the moment you apply it to your account.With your internet/mobile provider or iTunes you need to cancel your existing subscription with them before signing.It can take up to 28 days for your student credentials to be verified.However, your accounts country settings need to match the country of your university, and your payment method needs to have also been issued in that same country.
Just fill in this form, and SheerID will email you if its accepted to the approved list.