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Top Sweepstakes Web sites m is a sweepstakes rebate trading aggregator with an interactive community identifying the highest quality sweepstakes so that users can quickly find and enter them.
I searched Google for "contests" and just started entering one Internet sweepstakes after another.
A good directory will also make it easy to differentiate the expired sweepstakes and contests from the active ones, so you don't waste your time with giveaways that you can no longer win.
They are often free to download and install.Canadian contests, here are some that are focused mainly on the Canadian market.We asked the folks at the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) about these contests online to determine if the legal issues for Internet contests are different from those in the real world, and they told us they are exactly the same.Twitter proved to be an interesting new venue for contests.Discover images that inspire you and learn the technique behind bag it today sweepstakes winners their creation.The less time the sweepstakes is available for entering, the fewer people who will find out about.Players will also get notified when they win a prize, but those e-mails could get lost among personal emails.There's no phone book for online sweepstakes, but there are directories.Did she win, or did she make her life miserable with spam and telemarketers?Most seem like ploys to get more followers, including some very legit-looking contests from designer Vivienne Tam, and a Web site I know and like called DealsPlus.
So that leaves the big question; does anyone win these online contests?

15 Trustworthy Directories that Make Entering Online Sweepstakes Easier: If you'd like to try using a sweepstakes directory, here are 15 trustworthy ones that you can start with: TheBalance's Sweepstakes Directory : The Balance offers lots of winning advice, a free newsletter, and helps you.All Canada Contests : Canadian contests plus freebies, paid surveys, and more.M publishes daily promotions and prizes.Some sweepstakes throw in special offers that must be opted out of by unclicking tiny boxes at the bottom of the online entry form.Get your creative juices flowing, learn from peers and thought leaders, and improve as a photographer.It might be a sweepstakes that offers more prizes (1,000, 2,000, 10,000, etc.) so more people have a chance of winning.Becky's Diary, i decided to try entering online contests for myself.
And they said they've never had a complaint about an online contest.
The purpose of contests is to generate buzz for a product or brand, not for them to make money from players.