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You will require a permit if the total prize pool is more than 5,000.
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The Northern Territory splits raffle permits discount vegas hotel codes into a minor lottery and major lottery category.
It divides raffles into four categories: Category 1: The raffle proceeds are 2,000 or less; Category 2: The raffle proceeds are between 2,000 and 50,000; Category 3: The proceeds are more than 50,000; and.How to apply for a charity licence.Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 (QLD).With this information, you can obtain the correct licences and permits.There are also different reporting requirements depending on the size of the raffle.Collections Act 1966 (QLD).If you plan to run a raffle Australia-wide, you must register and comply with the laws of each state.Access Canberra and the Charitable Collections Act 2003 (ACT).If you have any queries or suggestions about this website, contact our.
You will only need a licence to conduct a category three raffle.
To raise funds in New 1988 dunk contest full South Wales without a permit, you must be a not-for-profit organisation.

Audit your financials annually.Community organisations should have at least ten members, a management committee and a written constitution.Collecting for a charity requires a licence unless you fall under the following exemptions: An organisation accredited by AusAid undertakes the collection; The collection is less than 15,000 in a financial year;.The Commission may declare your raffle to be exempt if the total prize pool value is less than 5,000.There are also restrictions on travel prizes.Governance Requirements for Charities and Not-For-Profits Cruisey Attitude to Consumer Guarantees Lands Scenic Tours in Hot Water.Western Australia In Western Australia, the Department of Racing, Gambling and Liquor regulates raffle laws under the Gaming and Wagering Commission and the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987 (WA).Queensland: Office of Fair Trading, Queensland and Office of Liquor and Gambling Regulation.South Australia, consumer and Business Services regulate raffles through the Collections for Charitable Purposes Act 1939 (SA).
Comprehensive list of licensed charities in Western Australia.