polaris 360 pool sweep troubleshooting

You can pick up a new set of belts and replace them yourself, its easy to do-it-yourself.
To check for leaks, turn the system on and pull the hose out of the water one section at a time, looking for bubbles or trickles of water.
They may be missing if theyve snapped.If not, replace the Drive Belt ( 8 ) Hose nut installation: Hose cutting.Thanks for your question Kim!An easy way to tell if this is your problem is by lifting the cleaner off the bottom of the pool and seeing if all the wheels are turning.Turn on the filtration and booster pumps, and allow the back-up valve to complete a back-up cycle.Solution: Verify wpg free press hotel coupons the back-up valve ( 54 ) is cycling.All wheels should turn together.Action: Polaris only turns in one direction.Slight leakage at these connection points is not cause for alarm.Action: Polaris is sluggish, running with less power than normal.If a constant jet of water shoots out of the backup valve, you'll need to replace it or ask a certified Polaris repair person to do so for you.Make sure all the tubes are connected to where theyre suppose.It's common, and we have some tips and tricks to help you solve this problem.Thank you for your help!When this valve malfunctions, it shoots water constantly, exerting enough ongoing thrust to lift the cleaner up to the surface of the pool.

If there are not, replace the Water Management System ( 28 ) With the Polaris turned off, spin each of the wheels.There should be three distinct, even jets of water.With the Polaris turned off, spin each of the wheels.Spend Less Time Cleaning and More Time Swimming.Check The Quick Disconnect, the Quick Disconnect is the piece you use to attach the Polaris hose to the return jet.Solution: Check the wheel RPM.Click here to get our, fREE weekly pool maintenance newsletter!The sweep hose reomves debris from the corners and steps.I got this question over the summer, and I figured Id answer here in a post so that others could benefit if they have the same issue.Problem: Sweep hose is sucked into the vacuum tube.If you find any leaks in the hose, be sure to replace that section.
Solution: Check the filter bag, if full it can weigh the cleaner down on one side.
Make sure the feed hose is floating.