parametric sweep using pspice

The transient analysis calculates the circuit's behavior over time, always starting at time 0s and finishing at a time specified by the user.
In the first tutorial, we learned that the.print DC command would not work unless we enabled it with the.DC command.
The parameter in the model is contest parking ticket letter set to the sweep value.tran command, the.tran statement causes a transient analysis to be performed on the circuit.There is no print delay, and PSpice is instructed to use the initial conditions provided.One of prometric exam voucher code the most interesting aspects of circuit analysis is the study of Parametric Sweep analysis of Passive Devices using PSpice.Great job and thanks, Aminul.Rmod R /08/04 12:27: Evaluation PSpice (Nov 1999) RES_acanalysis 60Hz * AC analysis temperature.000 DEG C * current step rmod.5 ; (1st sweep value) freq VM(Rg) VP(Rg) IM(Rg) IP(Rg).000E01.234E00.690E01.468E00.690E /08/04 12:27: Evaluation PSpice (Nov 1999) RES_acanalysis 60Hz * AC analysis temperature.000.print delay is the print delay time this specified value is the no-print value and the results from this value are not plotted, printed, or given to probe.Only the relevant steady-state analysis information due to the Inductor sweep between the values of 1mH to 5mH for the steady-state analysis is shown.

A parametric sweep of the parameter "cloud" over the range of values using defined steps can generate the data for the performance analysis, and thus make it simpler to recognize the particular value of the devices that produces optimum response.OUT" will carry addition information of the simulation.You may choose to sweep the value of the resistor Rb or Rc in the same manner. print step value final time print delay Max step.tran 500us 100ms 0s 500us UIC.Type sweep variable name model parameter start end increment.step RES rmod(R) 1, 5, .During a design many parameters are varied to optimize the performance.Aminul Siddiqui, an excellent graduate teaching assistant and student.Example of Transient circuit Analysis with Inductor value Sweep IND_transient Rp 0 1 1 Lp 1 0 lmod 1 IC20A.model lmod IND (L10mH).step IND lmod(L) 10mH, 50mH, 20mH Cp 1 0 10mF IC0V.tran 500US 100MS 0S 500US UIC.probe.END In the above example, the value of the Resistor and Capacitor is kept constant, while sweeping the Inductor value between 10mH and 50mH with a step size of 20mH.