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Each Newsletter contains the "Week in Review" plus four main articles.
Your Money: Brake Repairs, Get Moving"s, Home Warranty Insurance, and Quality Used Cars Top Story: Criminals Target Those With Health Problems For Your Safety: Apple Tech Support February 17, 2016 Phish Nets: PayPal and Barclays Bank 419 Scam Your Money: Cheap eReaders, Discount Coffee.For Your Safety: You Have New Private Snaps and Subpoena March 15, 2017 Phish Nets: PayPal Verification, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Amazon Your Money: All Canvas Prints Sale, eHarmony, and DirectTV Top Story: When Tech Support Scams and Malware Collide For Your Safety: Your.What was the 2nd and 3rd most viewed scam?Breech-seating is a way of overcoming the tight chamber and overly-large bore the Ballard has.I recently acquired a Schuetzen rifle in 32-40 caliber, and it came with a bullet-seater.For Your Safety: Request for Hold Mail Service.I finally discovered that the Ballards rifling twist rate is 1:20, while most 38-55s are 1:18 so most bullets made for this caliber are too long to stabilize unless theyre driven very fast.For Your Safety: Problem with Parecel Shipping; freedom freebies vodafone Unable to Deliver October 12, 2016 Phish Nets: PayPal and Apple (Again!) Your Money: Yoga Offer, Your Dog's Health, and Amazon Gift Card Top Story: Another Reason Why Yahoo Sucks For Your Safety: Wrong Paycheck, "This message can.Your Money: Ford Clearance Event, Wall Street Journal Sale, and Coffee Coupons Top Story: Leaving a Gun on the Coffee Table - m For Your Safety: Activate Your Card, Health Insurance, Order Delayed, Suspicious Movements, and Claim Your Transfer November 9, 2016 Phish Nets: usaa.
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Its called The Schuetzen Rifle and was first published in 1951, 3 years after Roberts death.

Maybe you will now buy.March 25, 2015 Phish Nets: JPMorgan and Wells Fargo (again!) Your money: Quibids Auction and China Knock Offs Top Story: Gift Card Hell For Your Safety: Attached Zip files March 18, 2015 Phish Nets: Wells Fargo, Dropbox and PayPal Phishing Your Money: Scams hosted.I wont alter the Ballard by installing a breech-seating pin (to hold the seating tool) on the receiver, but I think Ive figured out a way to breech-seat without altering the rifle.Your Money: Affordable Movers, Bathroom Renovation, and Travel to Alaska Top Story: Shared a PDF on Google Drive For Your Safety: Image PDF, Fax Transmission, and Invoice Statement March 23, 2016 Phish Nets: Three Apples!For Your Safety: Voicethread Notification and Shipping Information Needed hail a cab promo code houston May 3, 2017 Phish Nets: Dropbox and Apple Your Money: Slash Your Energy Bill, Meet Black Singles, and Tickbox Top Story: Your Apple iPhone Has a Virus For Your Safety: Participants Needed, Western Union and New.Your Money: Costco Easter Gift and The Perfect Home for You Top Story: Google Failed. .I know youre not interested in casting bullets.For Your Safety: Holiday Shopping Texts, Shared Documents and Invoices December 9, 2015 Phish Nets: Google, Capital One, SunTrust, Paypal and Apple Your Money: Discount Gift Baskets, How to Donate a Car, Free Water Pitcher Top Story: Christmas Holiday Scams.
For Your Safety: Great Stuff for You, Need Your Help, and News July 13, 2016 Phish Nets: No Phish!