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Whenever Nickelodeon USA airs Merry Christmas, Drake Josh, Nick's infamous over-the-last-scene credits play, causing this logo contest parking violation letter to be plastered with the next one below.
Availability : The variant with the black background is extremely rare and was first used as an ident for Nickelodeon.
FX/SFX : The fade-in or none.They're short, they're cute, and if you're a mom, you'll totally get it!It and is shown at the end of the first two Blue's Clues VHS releases: Blue's Story Time and Arts and Crafts.Scare Factor : None, it's tame.This logo was also first used as a station.And after my entry was complete, I had a great time learning about all enter the walking dead sweepstakes of the other destinations that RCI could take me to on my Dream Vacation!On Rugrats: Chuckie's Lucky Day, it's still.45th Logo (October 6, 2007-October 3, 2009) Nicknames : "Orange Ball "Nickelodeon Blob "CGI Nickelodeon Splat "The Sucky Splat "The Shoestring-Budget Bubble" Logo : Over a teal-white radial gradient background with green bubbles (like the 2006 Nick split-screen credits logo we see a blob reading.Also on split-screen credits airings of Dan Schneider shows ( iCarly, Victorious, Drake Josh, and Zoey 101 the bubbling sounds aren't heard and the first few notes have been remixed before going to the more familiar theme.Cheesy Factor : The animation looks rather plastic, cheap and simple, like it was done in Adobe After Effects.It was also used as a station.
I need a new Christmas tree garland.
Kenan Kel has the announcer's (Kenan Thompson) spiel for the Nickelodeon Studios logo for the show play over this logo.

The latter has been reran on NickSplat a numerous amount of times and has made the logo easier to find.Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.The animated logo can also be found on some VHS and DVD releases of As Told By Ginger as well as the VHS release of The Amanda Show Volume One: Amanda Please.It can be found on reruns of Salute Your Shorts whenever the NickSplat block on TeenNick airs the show.And Single - Image Spot Writer/Director I Love New York - Manstack Writer/Director The Odd Couple - Hogaduce Writer/Director Hogaduce - The Odd Couple :45 by starbex Valentines Day on VH1 Writer/Director VH1 Kitties (animated by Joel Veitch ) Gay Penguin Love for Logo (animated.Trivia : On the channel Smosh Games, an Honest Trailer (which is a parody) for Splatoon featured this logo, mentioned as an inspiration for the game.It is also shown at the end of three Little Bear videos: Rainy Day Tales, Goodnight Little Bear, and Friends.
Availability : Extremely Rare.
I love decorating the tree. .