my parents want to give my cat away

I also paid for all of her shots and was so happy because she is my first dog that is actually mine and I could write my name as the owner on her carnette.
Try to become apart of the process of finding a new, loving home for you dog.I was training her to not be as reckless as her mother, took her to the beach every day, taught her to stick her head out the window, to sit, to listen when called, bought her her first collar yesterday, it was red and looked.Sues, but for my parents its a big deal.Plus you need two people to wash a cat and i have not any volunteers 's kinda heart breaking i don't know what i kind do to change my parents mind.She received her.A.

WikiHow Contributor, find a time to talk to your dad.In Clinical Mental Health Counseling from rebates for electric water heaters Sam Houston State University in 2014.He is the most adorable sweetest cat ever, my parents want to give him away though.You need to not depend on a cat, because real happiness comes only from inside ourselves, just like depression does.Some may think I'm over reacting, but I'm a huge dog person, and when I start taking care of them like my own I seriously love them with all my heart.I vented to my boyfriend and cried, I've decided to go job hunting Monday so we can both start saving up and move out in about 3 to 4 years, just before we finish out careers.Follow usps free shipping coupon the same basic steps and see if you can get him on board.My mom says I may get a cat, and I know she wants one too.Plus my cat is becoming a little spiteful, but that's only because we locked him out of the rest of the house.Despite him being sweet, His litter ful it causes flies and he layers of flea poop in his hair because he needs a bath, and he has really long claws so it would be hard giving him a bath.