money cash hoes

Just cause I, love my niggas I shed blood, for my niggas Let a nigga holler "where my niggas?" All I'mma hear is "right here my nigga!" Hook how are tax refunds paid back Rocafella shit Pa-pause My niggas Swizz Respect the game ya'll Uh-huh-huh-uh Interlude: Pain in expedia com au promo code Da Ass Okay.
Sex, murder and mayhem - romance for the, cash, hoes, money-cash-hoes(c'mon) (what!HAM (Edited Version swagga Like Us, swagga Like Us (Edited Version).Distributed by Roc Nation.More JAY Z, listen to JAY Z in full in the Spotify app 1998.Fuck all y'all haters, blow dick.Legal, privacy, cookies, about Ads.

Yeah I rap now, fast money done slowed.Bed-Stuy Brook-nam took on the world, shit, I led a life you can write a, cash, hoes, money-cash-hoes(uhh!I'll play com voucher codes ?5 invite you all to get with us if your ball is glitter, when I go all the Harlem playas wall my picture.Roc-A-Fella foreva CEO, what!I think they found em down the road or something(wooh) Fuckin with a madman in a bad mood Is like fuckin with a mad dog that wasn't fed food And the only thing that's stoppin him is you Cause the only thing that he'll.I'm trying to restore the feelings; fuck the law, keep dealing!Hook(x2 money, cash, hoes, money-cash-hoes(what!
Y'all can't floss on my level!