mi raffle license

The statement: "No substitution of the amatuer radio contest calendar offered prize may be made and no cash will be given in lieu of the outback free bloomin onion coupon printable prize.".
Shall read the statement: "this is a 50/50 cash raffle and the winner will receive 50 percent of the amount received for all tickets or rights to participate.".The president or chairperson of the group must sign a certification stating the bond requirement was waived.Her current research focuses on cancer control, health disparities, including oral health disparities, imm.The organization must complete the application and return it with the required 10 fee.The application must be filed at least seven (7) days prior to the Governing Body of the municipality making its findings and determination.However, groups may waive the bond requirement by a unanimous vote of the organization.For any camel toe contest additional information you may need, please contact the office of the Borough Clerk or Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (973).Filing, application for a Raffle License shall be filed in quadruplicate with the Municipal Clerk and the Registration Certificate must be provided with each application.Groups conducting a raffle inside other communities should contact the appropriate city or village clerk.Off-premise raffle licensees shall secure from the printer of tickets a certificate showing: - The number of tickets printed - The first and last numbers used - That the tickets were consecutively numbered - A sample of the actual ticket.Any non-profit group that wishes to conduct a raffle drawing in the unincorporated area of Perry County must first obtain a raffle license from the Perry County Board.

Fraternal Groups, veterans Organizations, labor Organizations, business Groups.The County also issues licenses on behalf of the City of Pinckneyville and Village of Tamaroa.Off-premises 50/50 raffles:.00 fee shall be paid the lgcc and.00 to the Borough at the time the application is filed.A list of the prizes and the retail value of each.Place where the occasion will be held and the date and time.The Perry County Board will then consider the application at its next regular meeting.Groups eligible include, but are not limited to: Religious Organizations.Price of the ticket.