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Chris Lema charges per minute for his coaching sessions, but he could offer them for free for a limited time if he wanted to push more signups.
Heres an example of babies r us promo code 2015 uk a free book plus shipping from Russell Brunson.
You can also share what youre learning from other influencers in your industry by offering your cliff notes version of their presentation, or their book.Businesses like to create communities in order to have a dialog between their brand and their prospects.What is a Lead Magnet?Most people wouldnt have the discipline to drink one green smoothie a day for 30 days, but they are promotional codes for sears parts direct much more likely to jump on the bandwagon when challenged to.To write one, you simply need to interview people and pull all of the"s together into one big post.A lead magnet (a.k.a.Mobile App/Game A free mobile app or game offers the perfect excuse to ask for an email address.My Giant Guest Blogging Index has been a huge hit for that very reason.Membership Site Thinking about creating your own membership site?However, the Facebook group/challenge offer out-performed the other lead magnets, resulting in 43 cent leads on average!However, youd be surprised at how many people will opt in for your curated recipes.Transcript While were on the subject of repurposing content, why not repurpose a video by offering a transcript?
If you dont have a lead magnet or you dont have a good one, then this resource could literally be a game-changer for your business.

Summary/Cliff Notes Version Do you have a really long, in-depth guide that your users love?On-Page SEO Checklist: How to Fully Optimize Your Posts you can print this out and consult it every time you search engine optimize a page.A quiz has the user answer a series of questions, and then spits out a result.Heck, webinars work so well for lead generation that Neil Patel turned his entire homepage into a webinar registration page!In their sidebar optin form, theyve included a DVD mockup to drive home the high value of their lead magnet.quot;s People love"s from influential people, or"s that inspire.Back when Upwork was still oDesk, they had a lead magnet called Make It Work: Smart Advice From Real-Life Clients Who Found Success Using Online Work.Here on OptinMonster, one of our lead magnets is 12 Proven Ways to Convert Abandoning Visitors into Subscribers (see screenshot above).All you need is one big page on your site with the links to download each of your lead magnets, and put that page behind an optin form.
Erin Stutlands product includes workout videos, and her lead magnet offer is a free audio workout.
Resource List Lists of resources are really valuable because they are huge time savers.