kia gas rebate card balance

The Automated Fuel Dispensers create a preauthorization for 100 on the schick razor coupon deals card, which is returned to the card after the transaction settles.
What happens if I'm not sure if my card has enough value to make a purchase?
And District of Columbia.
If your Awards2Go Card has expired, you are able to transfer the balance on your card to a newly issued card if you contact us within sixty (60) days of such good thru date at the customer service telephone number in this agreement.How can I purchase gas with my card?If you are eligible and follow the process described here, you will receive a Kia Visa Prepaid Card which will reimburse you for the difference in the EPA combined fuel economy rating, based on the fuel price in your region and your actual miles driven.You must notify your financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use.Please check with your merchant first to ensure they allow split transactions.Some merchants may require payment for the remaining balance in cash.
Prior owners of affected vehicles who have already sold their cars will also be reimbursed using the same formula.
Subsequent buyers of vehicles after November 2, 2012 will not be entitled to compensation under this program.

Does it cost me anything to use the card?If a card requires to be replaced a service fee.00 is subject to be deducted from the cards available balance. .Kia is putting in place a comprehensive reimbursement program for affected current and former vehicle owners to cover the additional fuel costs associated with the fuel economy ratings change.Phone transactions and internet transactions) the Merchant verifies that the name of the purchaser is the same as the name registered to the card.Can I add more money to my card?All you have to do prior to using the card online is register the card in your name.Call to request a free replacement card.
Registration is highly recommended even if you are not planning to make online purchases.