hmrc uniform tax rebate form p87

It could take up to five weeks to process your claim.
Don't listen to claims handlers or websites offering to do this for you.
If this is your first time claiming a tax allowance, or the amount you paid out was more than 1,000, then you'll need to fill john lewis promotion code iphone in a form and make your claim either online or by post.Reply With" 04-06-11, 13:31 #4, originally Posted by, nikki E(31) what do you do?The toshiba coupon code october 2014 form is a catch all, and asks about other expenses you may be claiming, eg, company car.Call the phone line is open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm on Saturday.If you don't get any of these, just click 'No' on each page of the form that doesn't apply.Anything else worth knowing?Do you pay income tax on your earnings?This applies whether it's just a branded T-shirt or you're a fully uniformed pilot, police officer or nurse.Reply With" 04-06-11, 13:26 #2 what do you do?If, as part of its normal tax admin, hmrc sends you a P810 'Tax Review' form to check your tax code is correct you can also fill this in to claim tax relief.Did anyone know about this, If you wear a uniform or protective clothing at work and have you have to wash it yourself you can claim tax relief.Whether you're claiming flat rate expenses (usually you will be; if not, you'll need detailed records of costs).Strange if you ask me!
Reply With" 04-06-11, 15:39 #10 You can just claim it back yourself bycontacting the Inland Revenue, the above company is just one of those companies that is set up to help you get stuff like this back but often takes a cut, but contacting inland.
Reply With" 04-06-11, 15:28 #8, originally Posted by carmela c(4) Did anyone know about this, If you wear a uniform or protective clothing at work and have you have to wash it yourself you can claim tax relief.

Usually, if you've submitted a reclaim, then your tax code will be adjusted in future years to take account of your costs, so you won't need to reclaim again.Skip to main content, elsewhere on, help us improve.I'm weary of this!If you answer yes to all of these questions you are eligible for tax relief.How you want to be paid - into your bank account or by cheque.There are other tax-deductible expenses you may be able to claim, such as the cost of professional fees, specialist tools or travel for your job.If you wear a uniform at work, and have to wash, repair or replace it yourself, you may be able to reclaim 100s of tax for up to five years of expenses.Reply With" 04-06-11, 13:37 #5, i believe you can back date it for 3 years i do it and its definatley worth.This time you can phone them.Reply With" 04-06-11, 17:29 #11 ive just looked on direct gov and i cant see anything for washing your uniform, only if you've had to buy your uniform or protective clothing Reply With" 04-06-11, 18:40 #12 Yes do it via the hmrc, a company like.