give away money перевод

A mamá le gustaría regalar la escultura de Flora.
To hand over ( eg oneself or something that one has) to big brother contestants 2017 someone else.She gave me back the book that she borrowed last week.My patience gave out.Lo menos que podemos hacer es regalar pasta barata.Given that x equals three, x plus two equals five.Away delatarse, descubrirse.No debemos delatarlo or traicionarlo to give.s.See also: away, give give away.The least we could do is give away some cheap pasta.To agree against one's will.We know that Billy ate the cherry pie.I decided to give away all my plants.He gave up all his time to gardening.
I gave away my coat to Tom.
Her father gave Karen away.

I gave my daughter away at her wedding.I thought no one knew where I was, but my loud breathing gave me away.Descubrirse to give the show away exp.We'll be tough and give away nothing.( with to ) in the habit of (doing) something.To cause to have.To reveal o give away a secret You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) " give away examples and translations in context Mark is going coupon for pizza hut australia to give away all this free wine.You mustn't give away your tunic.( often with as or for ) to consider (a person, thing etc ).He's given to making stupid remarks.
To devote (time etc ) to doing something.
Late 1800s See also: away, give give away.