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Resending a Kobo eGift Card You can resend a Kobo eGift Card as long as it hasnt been claimed.
Your gift card will be debited for the amount of the purchase.
You can use the Gifts History to resend an eGift card.
Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit unserer.Sign in to your account with one of these options, depending on what you see: Click My Account next to the Profile icon at the top right of the page.From m, click Sign in to sign in to your account.Sure, Paypal is an option.If the amount of the gift card does not cover your full purchase, we'll supplement the remaining balance from your saved payment method.Kaufen von Kobo Geschenkkarten, halten Sie überall dort nach Kobo Geschenkkarten Ausschau, wo Geschenkkarten verkauft werden.Since buying for a non-US company is such a pain for those in the US (my credit card companies either block all purchase from them or allow them only after activating a fraud alert on the card, requiring a phone call on each purchase and.When you redeem a physical gift card, you get Kobo store credit.If your credit card provider does not authorize the charge, you will see a message indicating this onscreen.Redeeming other types of gift cards.Cancelling your Kobo eGift Card If you want to cancel a Kobo eGift Card before its been claimed, or if you accidentally sent one to the wrong email address, please contact Kobo Customer Care to cancel the order.If you dont have a Kobo account, click New?For example, if you bought a Kobo eGift Card for 50 Canadian dollars and sent it to someone in Switzerland, they would get an equivalent plea of no contest value in Swiss Francs.Note : If you don't have a Kobo account, click.Please note : Only one physical gift card can be applied per purchase.
Sie sind als echte Karten oder manchmal als PIN- oder Gutschein-Code erhältlich.
Look for an email from "Kobo".

Gifts History is the list of Kobo eGift Cards youve emailed, and the status of each.The exact amount will vary depending on the exchange rate on the day they claim or use the card.In addition to physical Kobo Gift Cards, you can also redeem other types of gift cards towards your next purchase from Kobo.Sign up here to create an account.In the meantime - get someone to just comment out ALL the text on your "eGift" page, since no one can actually get such a thing, anymore (let alone send it).Weitere vorgeschlagene Titel, lesen verschenken, bereiten Sie einem Buchliebhaber mit einer Kobo Geschenkkarte eine besondere Freude.View the balance on your Livraria Cultura gift card.Redemption Status: what the recipient has done with the eGift card.For many, you also get hit with money exchange fees with each card hit, so the gift cards were highly favored by all (and many countries have zero access to physical gift cards, so those guys are left entirely in the cold).Sign up here, and complete the sign-up process.