disneyland radio contests

Notes: Indicates a clear channel station Former Radio Disney stations Callsign Frequency Location Years of affiliation Comments kadz 1550 Arvada / Denver, Colorado 2003 Station was shut down in 2003.
September 5, 2015: Still listening, adventureland also works to enter a the Disneyland Diamond Days contest via text.
Wmyr 1410 Fort Myers, Florida wnex 1400 Macon, Georgia wolf 1490 Syracuse, New York 2000s2014 The station went silent in anticipation of a change in format.Thinkenstein: 2000 -.Kmap 1050 Bakersfield, California kmus 1380 Tulsa, Oklahoma 2010 Sold in 2011; changed to Spanish.(originally a 2 hour block).(In order to keep the analog/digital signals in sync, it baby sweepstake ideas is standard practice for Hybrid Digital Radio to delay all content by a few seconds.) wqew, Radio Disney's New York station, is a clear channel station that is audible throughout most of the eastern and.
Wdss 1680 Grand Rapids, Michigan 2008 Disaffiliated from Radio Disney on August 7, 2008.
Wddz 550 Providence, Rhode Island 2010 Sold in 2010, format changed to business radio.

Retired features ABC News For Kids - Kid friendly, and informational news with Jim Hickey.Radio Disney is a radio network based.At the end of the year, the same thing was done, only it was the 50 most requested songs of the whole year.It is very similar to Incubator.Also, as part of the 10-year anniversary, the concert "Totally 10 Birthday Concert" was held on July 22, 2006 at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California.The Code Word of the Day is valid from 3:00 am PT/6:00 am ET on the day it is announced on-air until 2:59 am PT/5:59 am ET the following morning.Disney California Adventure, park, with the high-octane thrills of Cars Land, as well as the 1920s charm of Buena Vista Street.
Current DJs: Candice Huckeba (2005-2007, 2009) Ernest Martinez (1999, known on-air as Ernie.) Halicia Ashford (2008, known on-air as Hailie) Jake Whetter (2008, known on-air as Jake) Eliott (2008) Morgan Tompkins (2009, known on-air as Morgan) Maddie Whitby Former DJs Aaron Kannowski (20032008, was.
Kn ow todays Radio Disney codeword?