coupon vs rebate

There is of course some difference between the imvu account giveaway two words.
Indeed, our model of uncertain redemption costs can be seen as a way to capture forgetfulness in a rational-consumer framework.Whereas coupons offer deals up front, with the purchase of the product, rebates can be redeemed only after purchase.As a result, we show that rebates are more efficient in surplus extraction but coupons offer more finetuned control over whom to serve.Presumably, these seller-favoring misperceptions and dynamic inconsistencies are not present to the same extent with coupons, chimney sweep energy barn newfoundland nj so this line of argument, barring institutional constraints, would also endorse rebates over coupons.Under what circumstances are coupons optimal, and under what circumstances are rebates optimal?The amount returned by way of refund may be due to dissatisfaction expressed by the customer or due to any other valid reason.The article offers a comprehensive explanation on discounts and rebates and highlights the main similarities and differences between the two.They generally have more price-elastic demands and lower reservation prices.The difference we focus on is the one embedded in the"tion from Gerstner and Hess (1991) above, namely, that coupons are redeemed with the purchase, whereas rebates are redeemed after the purchase.We capture this variability by assuming that promotion redemption costs are stochastic and heterogeneous.For example, rebates are simply too costly to redeem for frequently purchased low-ticket items, which typically offer small discounts.The behavioral literature, by focusing on the greater likelihood of "irrational" consumer behavior with rebates, implicitly endorses rebates.
This is the main difference between refund and rebate.
Discounts are reductions in prices that are provided to customers for a number of different reasons.

We identify the voice last season winner the conditions under which each is optimal, and these conditions turn on the gap between "low" reservation price consumers' valuations and their highest redemption costs.1994, Dhar.These structural, built-in redemption costs of each promotion vehicle get translated into the consumer's personal terms, producing variability in effective redemption costs, across and within consumers.Rebate is characterized by some rules and regulations.If the institutional constraints are whittled away, would rebates be offered for low-ticket products and coupons for high-ticket products?An early payment discount motivates customers to pay early which will thereby reduce problems faced by firms from having their funds tied.Key words: coupons; rebates; promotion; price discrimination.For example, there is a large literature on coupons, dealing with a multitude of issues: use of coupons for market research (Nielsen 1965 targeted price promotions (Robinson 1977 how coupon users differ from nonusers (Narasimhan 1984 and the differences among different types of coupons-direct-mail coupons.
It would seem that rebates hold all the cards from the seller's point of view.