chimney sweep brush prop

Remember to paint the cardboard tube to the same colour as that of your pole.
The single spiral variety is suitable for light cleaning.I also added abit of brown and silver to the bristles to make them look more realistic.Wrap a large piece of packing tape around the knot to further secure.Flat brushes will provide more surface contact so that you can clean the chimney properly.Art straws or BBQ sticks, glue gun, paint.When that is dry, attach the cardboard tube to the underside of your bristle/ brush head.Uurgh It's done it again, where when I go into edit something it deletes the text on the intro page.

Using a small rectangular piece of cardboard you now need to attach the bristles to the pole.Lean a ladder against the side of your house.Size, one of the next things you will need to consider when buying chimney sweep brushes is the size.Rods, you will also have to choose from different types of rods when you buy chimney sweep brushes.Now paint the bush heads and your broom pole a nice sooty black.Gather your rope and pliers together and carefully microsoft office discount for teachers uk climb up the ladder to your roof.Therefore, you need to choose the size of the brush carefully depending on the size of your chimney.