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Taxis accept all major credit cards.
The system covers all train, bus, public ferry and light rail services in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the surrounding regions.The Tannery is here to honor your wishlist.Hotel pubs are usually found on a street corner with at least one ground-floor bar, and are usually a few floors high (though not all floors may be open to the public).More than just a utilitarian means of transport, ferries are a great way to see Sydney harbour.Daily fares are capped at 15 from Monday to Saturday and.50 on Sundays.A meal at The Rose on a sunny afternoon is a must.Manly Fast Ferries runs a service between Circular Quay lottery results wednesday raffle and Manly.The most architecturally significant structures include the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.It is a good idea to plan your bus trips in advance where possible.
In the east of the city, Victoria Street in Darlinghurst and Crown Street in Surry Hills (between Oxford and Cleveland Streets) has a large range of funky cafes, small bars, pubs, patisseries and restaurants.
The festival programs unique, quality independent films that transgress the status quo and challenge the conservative conventions of film making.

You can call to find the location of your closest after hours pharmacy.Widely celebrated by Sydney's Chinese community, with the centre of festivities being at Chinatown.Save some sympathy for Northern Hemisphere cousins freezing in Times Square waiting for all the excitement of a ball dropping by a couple of metres.Today the centre is a unique mix of Australian and International designer fashion (including Alex Perry, Akira, Lisa Ho and Alannah Hill) and speciality stores catering for a discerning, sophisticated clientele.Utilising the fitting theme of "the elements" (earth, fire, wind water Carey retells stories of the "Rum Corps near-death experiences (both on the water and in the inhospitable Blue Mountains) and even blatant police corruption.Check for track work before leaving for the station; Sydney Trains shut down part of the network most weekends and will transfer passengers to buses if lines are closed.Indian in one of the many restaurants in the Outer West with all types of Indian cuisine (North Indian, South Indian, vegetarian, meat, etc).While most people make an effort to dress up for fancier restaurants, there is no requirement and both restaurants and diners alike are relaxed about dress standards.
Both offer your standard department-store range of goods.
The Spit or Manly to kayak the harbour.