california energy efficiency incentive programs

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PDP is a time varying pricing plan with additional charges added during critical peak times (2-6.m.
And can occur on any weekday excluding holidays.PG E CBP participants may also be eligible to concurrently participate in additional PG E demand response programs.Eligible projects are required to undergo an energy analysis, but projects saving less than an estimated 200,000 therms/year may qualify to receive a no-cost analysis.It also offered consumer rebates for installing new wind and solar renewable energy systems.The Energy Commission's Renewable Energy Program provided market-based incentives for new and existing utility-scale facilities powered by renewable energy.Most non-residential buildings with a gross floor area of 10,000.What load management/demand response options are available to me?Alameda Municipal Power offers several energy efficiency incentive programs for existing buildings and new construction projects, including rebates for qualifying commercial lighting and hvac equipment, as well as customized rebates for equipment not included under the candy corn giveaway other programs.Federal customers whose utilities have area-wide contracts through GSA (e.g., PG E, SDG E, SCE, SoCal Gas, and City of Alameda may be able to take advantage of 3rd-party financed energy efficiency projects called utility energy services contracts (uescs).There is no penalty for failure to reduce electric load during an event.In addition, SVPs Energy Innovation Program offers grants on a cents per kWh saved or percent of project cost basis (up to 250,000 per customer) for innovative new energy efficiency technologies, applications, or solutions.The program also helps educate the public regarding renewable energy.Are required to comply by July 1st, 2016.In some cases, the monthly energy savings may be equal to or greater than the monthly payment.

Updated March 2015, what public-purpose-funded energy efficiency programs are available in my state?The maximum loan amount is set at 3 million per application.(For more on uescs, see What additional opportunities are available to me?Publicly owned utilities set their own RPS goals recognizing the intent of the legislature to attain the 20 percent by 2010 target.The program offers either a day-ahead or day-of notification option.Rebate programs include lighting, hvac, chillers, data center optimization, PC power management, commercial washing machines, food service equipment, motors and variable frequency drives, energy-efficient building design, new construction projects over 25,000.It is also the default rate for large commercial and industrial customers of SCE.Use this website to: plan your calculate percentage discount between two numbers upgrade projects; locate participating contractors; and find rebates and incentives in your local area.
Rebate levels decline over time, based on the cumulative installed capacity.