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Join your favourite CBeebies characters including Postman Pat, Mike the cupcake contest winning recipes Knight, Charlie and Lola and Tree Fu Tom; experience the ultimate girlie celebration in our Sleepover Room, embark on a journey of clarisonic promo code discovery in our tantalising Chocolate Room, or enjoy a luxury escape in our.
Riders strap on VR headsets and follow a space adventure in front of their eyes as their body experiences the thrills of the roller coaster.Created at a cost of 18m, The Smiler is one of the biggest rollercoasters in the country.Great special effects and a good fun ride for most of the family.Find out more, fantastical events Find out more about what's coming soon to Alton Towers Resort.The theming takes care of itself due to the situation of the ride inside the Gothic old building.Guaranteed to get them smiling.Fun Factor: * Fear Factor: Did you know: The 30 cars have a top speed of 4kph The X-Sector Once famous for being home to the infamous Black Hole ride, it is now home to three very popular attractions.Hex The Legend of the Towers.The dark and mysterious area of the park, home to an abandoned haunted crypt and a possessed drag car.Oblivion Oblivion at Alton Towers Another world first rollercoaster, this time the first vertical drop coaster in the world.Did you know: It was renamed in 2010 to Fourteen, for one day only on Friday 13th.Fun Factor: * Fear Factor: Did you know: The two minute ride can carry 40 guests at a time.We use cookies to improve your site experience.Fun Factor: * Fear Factor: * Did you know: This is a great ride for getting ride photos, you come down towards the camera on the bend going into the tunnel, once you know where the camera is you can set up some really daft.This is always guaranteed to raise a squeal of delight from the children and groans from the mums and dads as they bounce up and down.Fun factor: * Fear factor: * Did you know: Spectators have water cannons too, soak or be soaked!
With eateries, side stalls and a trading shop, its a lively area to pass half guard sweeps no gi through.

Find out more, be Chosen, sign up to our newsletter 2017 Merlin Entertainments Group, alton Towers Resort Operations Limited atrol operates Alton Towers Resort as an agent for and on behalf of Merlin Attractions Operations Limited.Themed around a pinball machine, disorientation is the name of the game and I definitely wouldnt take a ride after a big dinner!In truth though, its exactly the same ride!Best part of the ride!You can spin the wheel in the middle or beg other riders not.Here are our best prices and packages for your stay at Alton Towers Resort.
I remember it as a child and recall being absolutely terrified to learn I was going upside down without a seat restraint.
Fun Factor: * Fear Factor: * Did you know: Riders experience a g-force of up.5g on the ride Mutiny Bay The pirate themed area of the park is home to three great little family rides that are well worth a look for young.