2005 slam dunk contest full

The pomp and circumstance - Robinson employed Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to urge him on - felt like a mac makeup discount card application total waste of nz tax return due date time.
Robinson caught a simple alley-oop from a teammate and finished it in routine fashion by his standards.
"Wow" moment: 5 out.
DeRozan had the best slam of the evening, getting way off the ground to catch a pass off the side of the backboard before throwing down a windmill.It feels wrong to put anything involving Richardson on this list, but there's no avoiding.A fabulous dunk went to waste, just like Stoudemire's collaboration with Nash did in 2004.Bryant and Allen disappointed in their originality: Bryant tried a pedestrian double-pump two-handed reverse, and Allen did a yawn-inducing straight-on double-clutch.After watching Robinson duke it out with Dwight Howard in 20, the head-to-head with DeRozan was discount tire regional office bothell just lacking.Without further ado, let's take a look at the five worst dunk contests.Brent Barry was the first white competitor in five years.(See the dunk at the 2:15 mark in the video below.) Rivalry: 3 out.Star presence: Did big names participate?Andersen just kept going and going, unwilling to simplify or really modify his attempts, tossing ridiculous lob passes from half court and then failing to convert a reverse alley-oop off the bounce.Pretty, but a letdown given what he had been attempting."Wow" moment: How good was the best moment from the dunk contest?Stackhouse washed out early without putting up much of a fight - he did have a smooth cupping reverse - and Armstrong struggled with missed dunks, a problem that took its toll throughout the competition.
The worst ending in contest history.
Lots of self alley-ooping with simplistic finishes and multiple reverse double-pump dunks without much flair. .

This is the quintessential example of how the presence of future Hall of Famers doesn't necessarily equal good times.Kudos to the fans for booing.Its best moment was repeated a second time and was itself a reproduction of a better original; the rest was dreary.Rivalry: 6 out.That Richardson was robbed of a third title only adds salt to this wound.Star presence: 5 out.(Ronald Martinez/Getty Image) Star Presence: 5 out.
Smith brought some solid material.
But he took forever to get it right and it didn't wind up looking all that cool.